Rev. Dr. Amos C. Brown

Known among World leaders, Presidents, celebrities, and academicians alike for his trademark activism, intellectual discipline, and masterful oratory, Dr. Amos C. Brown has been the Pastor at Third Baptist Church of San Francisco since 1976.  At TBC we find him to be a shepherd who takes seriously his responsibility to protect the sheep from predators-whether elected government officials, public analysts, or religious leaders – who would misguide, mislead, or misfeed his flock.

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A Legend In His Own Time
Rev. Dr. Amos C. Brown

A Pastor of Distinction

Under Rev. Dr. Amos C. Browns' leadership, Third Baptist Church of San Francisco has established a summer school program, created an After-School Academic enrichment program (Back-on-Track) in partnership with Temple Emanuel Congregation, the Charles A. Tindley Academy of Music; sponsored more African refugees than any local congregation in the nation and sponsored 80 children from Tanzania to receive heart surgery in the United States. He led the Bay Area in raising $68,000 for the Somalian Relief Effort in 1984, led in founding the Black American Response to the African Crisis, which raised $300,000 for the Ethiopian Famine crises, and led an airlift to Ethiopia under the auspices of the National Baptist Convention. 

A Local Pastor with a
Global Reach

Dr. Brown was a delegate to the 2001 United Nations Conference on Race and Intolerance in Durban, South Africa. He represented the National Board of the NAACP in this World Conference. Also in the wake of the tragedy of September 11, 2001, Dr. Brown was one of the principal national faith leaders to give a response address to the tragedy at the San Francisco’s Day of Remembrance. In September of 2001, Dr. Brown and Jesse Jackson met with the venerable, Nelson Mandela in South Africa around issues of African development and U.S. foreign policy matters. And as a great champion of educational enterprises, he brought to Third Baptist the Honorable Kweisi Mfume for an evening of “Celebrating our Commitment and Passion for Education and Academic Excellence”. From this effort over $67,000 was raised for scholarships for worthy students who are pursuing higher education and training. 

A Disciplined Mind

In addition to his pastoral responsibilities, he has served as a member of the governing board of San Francisco Community College, National Chairman of the National Baptist Commission on Civil Rights and Human services, member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Chairman of the Bay Area Ecumenical Pastors Conference, first Vice President of the California State Baptist Convention, President of NAACP Branch in San Francisco, California, and a member of the governing board of the National Council of Churches of Christ. Dr. Brown was also awarded the Martin Luther King, Jr. Ministerial Award for outstanding leadership and contributions to the Black Church in America. 

A Family Man

For a second time, Dr. And Mrs. Brown were invited by President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama to a Christmas Reception at the White House.  He was also inducted into the International Hall of Fame at the King International Chapel at Morehouse College.  Most recently, the City and County of San Francisco honored Dr. Brown during the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday, and gave a brilliant address to the community. In April of 2011 he was honored by his hometown of Jackson, Mississippi. Sharing Dr. Brown’s commitment to service and racial uplift are his wife, Mrs. Jane Smith Brown of Richmond, Virginia, two sons, Amos C. Brown, Jr., David Josephus Brown, and daughter, Kizzie Marie Brown.     

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Rev. Dr. Amos C. Brown and Co-Host Susan Brown discuss the history of the Western Addition on "Beyond the Fog" Radio.

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