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About Us

At TBC today you will find a church that offers worship services and programs that continue to attract people from all walks of life like our exciting weekly Bible Study and our new nursery project, “TBC for God’s Little Ones”, and a daily tutorial program called Back On Track sponsored jointly by TBC and Congregation Emanu-El. Organized by a full-time paid staff and supported by tutors and mentors of all races and religions that have mentored over 3000 students of Asian, African, South American, Australian European descent many of which have achieved academic and personal success. It is in our DNA to be a church of civic engagement and social action! All of our leaders have been involved in the political processes that affect the plight of underprivileged minority communities. We are a church of Jesus Christ, and thus we are concerned about salvation and justice.

As most 100+ year-old churches, TBC has experienced many cultural, economic, political, and indeed religious seasons. At the height of our numeric standing during the 1940s through the 1980s and up to the new millennium, our church membership peeked at 3000.

If one did not arrive thirty minutes early, they were bound to have to sit in the balcony, stand against the walls, or be relegated to an overflow area. This was primarily due to the “Fillmore” being an area of black enterprise, black education, and a melting pot of black culture.

Thanks to the “urban renewal” or as Pastor calls it “urban removal” (suggesting the systematically deliberate removal of blacks from inner city to the now mundane suburbs) in the late 80s and the even more recent process of re-gentrification, the demographics of San Francisco has drastically changed.  Over a period of 20 years, the city’s 100,000 black population has dwindled to approximately 44,000 only 6% of which claim religious affiliation. (Keep in mind that these statistics are referenced in terms of approximation.)

Thanks to forward and progressive leadership of Dr. Brown and the unwavering commitment of our membership, while TBC still remains a well-structured, well-attended, well-supported and world-respected institution. We are not content, until we reach you! Come one, come all and let God meet where you are through TBC!