Happy Birthday TBC Members
born in August!!!

From Third Baptist Church of San Francisco

August Birthdays

Lynnette White 3-Aug
Sheldon Johnson 4-Aug
Ethel Flores 4-Aug
Gordon Greenwood 7-Aug
London Breed 11-Aug
Jasmine Cobbs 11-Aug
Sabrina Glasco 11-Aug
Elizabeth Lane 14-Aug
Karly Campbell 14-Aug
Lawanna Bracy 17-Aug
Roland Pickens 19-Aug
Deanna Donaldson 20-Aug

August Birthdays

 Odel McQueen 20-Aug
Gayle Benton 20-Aug
Carla Vaughn 27-Aug
Tanisha Blackwell 28-Aug
James Fleming 28
Angela Francis-Hunt 29
Donald Strickland 29
DeAndrea Carr 29
Sharlett Downing 30
Earl McAllister 30
Ethel Ennon 31


Mother Jane
Rosetta Smith

Celebrated her 
103 BIRTHDAY this year!!!

Virtual 80th Birthday Celebration (Feb. 21, 2021)

Rev. Dr. Amos C. Brown

This year Rev. Dr. Amos C. Brown celebrated his 80th birthday.  But, due to the pandemic TBC celebrated virtually. No less, it was a fun-filled amazing tribute from family members, church members, colleagues and long-time friends from around the globe.  Thanks to Rev. Brown's daughter Kizzie, who worked to organize everyone who sent their birthday wishes, "virtually", we have downloaded all (3) videos below.  We hope you enjoy the Brown family's Virtual Birthday Celebration that was created on Rev. Dr. Amos C. Brown's special day. 

Rev. Dr. Amos Brown's
80th Birthday Celebration

(Part 1 - Family and Friends)

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Rev. Dr. Amos Brown 80th Birthday Celebration

Part 2 - Family

Rev. Amos Brown's 80th Birthday Celebration

Part 3 - TBC Family and Colleagues

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